Yuki Imanishi

I remember the time when Kuni said “Now I study how to teach Japanese”, showing us a Japanese language teaching text in 2006. Now he established a Japanese language school in Bangladesh. I guess he has had many difficulties, though. Congratulations “Okaba”, I want to take your class!

Yoshihiro Osugi

His will was the strongest among our friends when we met together at the first time. I’m really glad and very proud of him to hear that he has established a Japanese language school. Whenever I see him, he gives me the courage. I believe in his success. I will visit his place again.

Takara Kawakubo from Kochi

When I think about the reason why he established a Japanese language school, I remember the time when he said, ” I wanna be a Japanese language teacher” in 2006.At that time he did not have any connection with Bangladesh, and it was just a kind of dream. Now I’m happy to see his dream’s blossoming moment. I hope he can make the small flower much bigger with his lovely wife Junko and angel Asuka. I wish his success from my heart.


I believe that there are many people whose lives have been enriched or changed into good directions after Kuni san has taught Japanese language and culture to them. My husband is one of them. Thank you very much, Kuni san. We would like to keep in touch with you.