Student’s Voice

Shariful Haque

Manager working in a Japanese company

Ans: Kuni’s class is very interesting. He makes lesson easy and attractive with some practical examples and jokes.
Ans: To be able to speak and understand Japanese language. I hope to work with Japanese people. This class will help me a lot.
Ans: I attend every class and can understand every lesson with the help of Kuni sensei’s (teacher’s) friendly teaching technique.

Abed Ali

Manager working in a Japanese company

Ans: Very interesting and nice. Always try to attend the class. It shows how good and kind our Sensei (teacher) is. He teaches us very easily. We understand very quickly. Above all, he is a very nice person.

Ans: I am currently working in a Japanese company. I am one of the permanent employees of my company in Bangladesh. I need to communicate with my colleages regularly, this is the main reason to learn Japanese.

Le Pallab Debnath

Hai ..This is Pallab. I was a student of Kokorozashi & Kazuko Bhuiyan Japanese Cultural Center Dhaka since June 2012. I have learned my first Japanese word from Kuni sensei of this school. His kind and sincere efforts make the class attractive and easily under stable for the Bangladeshis.

Only by 5 months, I sat for the N5 Japanese proficiency test and passed. I still believe that it was only because of Kokorozashi & Kazuko Bhuiyan Japanese Cultural Center . Later, I took part in 4th national speech competition in Japanese language for Bangladeshi nationals and secure second place.

Eventually I got the chance to represent Bangladesh in 3rd South Asian Japanese Speech Contest which was held in Colombo, Srilanka. For the preparation and practice of the speech, Kuni sensei gave me so much time and we succeeded.

Before admitted to this school my impression was Japanese language must be very tough. To be honest, now I am feeling exactly opposite. It is not so tough and grammar structure is quite similar to Bengali. Especially kanji is very interesting and one can learn by one’s own effort by practicing.

So to the prospective students of Bangladesh I would like to request please visit Kokorozashi & Kazuko Bhuiyan Japanese Cultural Center Dhaka and start learning. If you can speak Japanese, a new world you can explore which is very interesting and pleasant. Just trust me.

My bond with Kokorozashi & Kazuko Bhuiyan Japanese Cultural Center will never end. I love this school and I will be always with this school. Thank you Sensei to accept me as your student and taught me.