Kuni Senseis Message


We hope Bangladeshi people can know Japanese and world cultures to expand their own world and enrich their lives.

In Kokorozashi & Kazuko Bhuiyan Japanese Cultural Center , native Japanese teachers take classes in Japanese, Bengali and English. Students can watch Japanese movies and animations, and know about latest Japanese culture. They can also learn business manners through our Japanese classes.

Okabayashi Kuniaki,

Kokorozashi & Kazuko Bhuiyan Japanese Cultural Center.

Kokorozashi & Kazuko Bhuiyan Japanese Cultural Center in Bangladesh is supported by Kokorozashi Network in Japan.

In February 1992, Kokorozashi Network was established within the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management. Kokorozashi Network is an organization where people pursue ‘management with vision’. Kokorozahi means vision or high-spirit. We come from all over Japan, and study management and life with vision. We have an annual meeting, and issue a quarterly magazine to communicate with the members.
Since 1999 Kokorozashi Network has visited Bangladesh annually and has deepened exchanges between Bangladesh and Japan. We have provided sanitation facilities, and have had athletic festivals and seminars about business management by Japanese people in Dhaka. Bangladeshi people have taken very good care of us, but we are not sure whether what we have done is really good for them.

Now we want to do something what is really good for Bangladeshi people. Our first action is to set up a Japanese language school where we can tell Japanese culture and Japanese people’s way of thinking, hoping they can know about Japan and expand their own world.